Nah, you are wrong. Kidding, I don’t remember what we were talking about but I’m going to assume you are right. Yeah, the rolling on the river song is called Proud Mary. That’s your fact of the day.


Good choice. You give me fun facts, and I give you words. Sounds like a plan.


Well that makes me feel better. At least people have better things to do in their lives than reading other people’s personal thoughts and feelings.


I s’pose so. Just didn’t seem that enticing to me, is all. 


Really? Because it’s still closed.


C’mon, seriously?


I can make your bedrockimage

Well, there’s an interesting assumption.


All I’ve done since being home from,the hospital is sit in front of the tv, watching men in tights fight each other. I’m wearing more clothes than all of them combined. I’m turning into a real couch potato. I can’t wait to get back out on the road again.


Do you feel any better?


I feel like I should say something about the whole.. leaked secrets thing, but I feel like that’d get me in some kind of trouble because Hollywood seems to hate people that fight back. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though…


It’s just sad seeing everyone hurt and affected by it.


I take what I get. I’ll pretend I know your show but I think it’s called Proud Mary. Like the song you are referring to.


Fake it ‘til you make it — am I right? Is that what it’s called? I don’t remember the title. It’s by Tina Turner, yeah?


Who says I care?


knew you’d say something like that. 


Thanks, that’s sweet of you… I’ve calmed down now. It was just a whole bunch of bullshit as a reminder to be careful who to trust. How’re you though?


Hey, you’re welcome. It’s no trouble, at all. I guess it was just a reminder given the hard way, yeah? I’m doing as alright as I can be given the current circumstances, I guess. I definitely have it better than some right now, so I can’t really complain about much. What’re you up to?


It was hard, it really was.


I’m proud of you, girl. Resist the urge.